Couples Therapy

Improve the communication in your relationship and rediscover each other!

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Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT)

If there is increasing mutual misunderstanding in the relationship and you feel that you are no longer lovingly and safe with each other, Dr. Sue Johnson’s method is recommended.

The book Hold Me Tight is a bestseller and helped couples all over the world.

I would like to take you and your partner on a journey to find out which deeper emotions lie behind your behaviors. To discover how your behavior affects each other.

Seeing and understanding this from each other often opens up a world of understanding and the connection can be felt again.


Connecting Communication (non Violent Communication)

This coaching method is aimed at respecting each other and listening empathetically to each other.

The beautiful thought that we understand each other wordlessly is unfortunately rarely the case. In the beginning of the relationship we believe there is understanding of each others needs, but after some time there can be a shift into misunderstanding and unsafety.

With emphatic communication you give each other the opportunity to formulate a request based on your needs. Even if a request results in a negative answer, this always offers an opening to understand each other better.