Mary (41)

I started going to Danielle on the recommendation of a friend whom she had helped and continues to help tremendously.
I’ve been working with Danielle for over 5 months now for my high levels of anxiety which struck me in early 2019.
In the last few months, Danielle has helped me learn a lot about my own self – the root of my anxieties, my fears, my childhood, my parents, and more.

She has helped me handle my generalised anxiety which had taken over every aspect of my life. I still haven’t completely overcome it, but it’s a journey as I’ve come to understand.

Danielle has equipped me with many tools and processes for my anxiety and has also taught me to trust myself and be confident.
She is by far the most calming and healing person I know.

She makes me so relaxed and see things differently, and I’ve learnt to not react to every sensation and symptom that comes by, but rather be an observer, which hopefully should translate in other aspects of my life and change my old patterns.

Mediation and hypnotherapy are also part of her therapy which just makes the process more wholesome. I always feel so energised when I step out from my session.

She is, dare I say, the mother I always wanted.
I am forever grateful to Danielle for continually helping me through my journey; for pushing the restart button to my life and helping me feel like anything is possible.

Fadia (33)

Danielle has given me for the past years all the tools I needed to manage the difficult moments I have faced. She has helped me to gain confidence, strength and thanks to her helped me to understand more myself.

She always has different techniques to help me to put some perspective on challenging situations. After each coaching session, I have always felt lighter, positive, more peaceful and calm.

She’s truly amazing and I am so grateful that I have been able to experience coaching with Danielle. I will continue it from where ever I will be in person or through Skype.

Thanks again for everything and you are truly an angel.

Caroline (33)

Danielle is an amazing life coach, I started seeing her after a burn-out three years ago.

She has helped me recover and move towards a more full-filled life. I still see Danielle occasionally, when I need guidance regarding my professional or personal life.

She is a very kind and caring life coach, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking help, wether for a burn out or just guidance in their life.

Man (39)

Danielle positively changed my life, and how i deal and think about certain situations. She gave me the keys to be able to change my negative behaviour which allowed me to change the way I feel and think.

Its because of her counselling and techniques that I am able to handle anxiety, stress, and difficult situations. I highly recommend Danielle.

Man (53), Office manager

Thank you very much for the session, it has helped me a lot and a lot!

Man (44), Chief Editor

Many thanks for your help Danielle, I enjoyed the sessions very much and learned a lot about myself.

Woman (45)

Working on personal issues can be so time and energy consuming when you hit a crisis. I found myself going around and around in circles in my head, I felt like I was chasing my tail but also on a rollercoaster of emotions. I struggled to fall and stay asleep and would wake up with a racing heart and such a feeling of overwhelming panic. Danielle offered me coping strategies from the first time I saw her. She used different techniques that in a very simple and tangible way showed me the underlying reasons for situations that triggered me to panic and then gave me tools to manage those situations. Then she gently and steadily led me along a path from coping to self-discovery and self-care and on to calmness and confidence. It has been transformational. It was difficult and uncomfortable work, but Danielle always made it feel manageable, achievable and good. My sincerest thanks.

Relation Therapy and Communication

Couple (30+), Australië

We gained valuable insight from your sessions, for me the one on one sessions were very helpful in understanding myself better. Further discussing helped me understand the challenges my partner is facing as well and my behaviour towards that.The sessions were to our satisfaction and we have a better insight into each other now.


Alexandra (29), Sales Manager

I’ve been biting my nails since I was a little girl. After a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy with Danielle, I hope this is a thing of the past! Danielle offers a warm, open-minded approach, in a relaxed setting where you immediately feel comfortable. She clearly cares about improving the confidence and well-being off all she engages with.

Through hypnotherapy, she was able to make my decision to bite my nails seem entirely illogical to me. I’ve tried stopping numerous times over the years, but she has made me realise how it was holding me back in different aspects of my life – highlighting a kind of “shame” which I felt both at work and in my home-life – making it easier than it’s ever been to stop. I’m still in the early stages, 3 weeks on from my last session, but I am confident that I’ve changed my habit and that is thanks to the expertise and kindness of Danielle. Thank you for your help!

Woman (32), Manager

You really helped me find my way after having a baby and helped me understand the way I react to what’s going on around. It was refreshing to focus 100% on myself for each hour I spent with you – a very rare thing nowadays! Each time I was emotionally drained but felt happier and lighter.

I’ve changed the way that I’m always living two weeks in the future! Now I try and be very present. Even when I loose that present feeling– it’s nice to know what I’m doing wrong so I can correct it. I also don’t stress about what others think of me or over think about the things I’ve done in the past. Also, very refreshing for me!

I really found the Hypnotherapy very relaxing. It was almost like having a massage and a great way to focus on the issue.