Types of therapy

I use different types of therapy such as:

  • EMDR When someone is traumatized, he/she may experience such strong emotions that the brain consequently is unable to cope, becoming unable to process information as it usually does. Distressing experiences become ‘frozen in time’. When reminders of the event occur, the stuck memory is triggered and is emotionally re-experienced in the present. As a consequence the person repeatedly relives the original unpleasant events. Remembering may feel just as bad as experiencing it the first time because the images, sounds, smells, and feelings don’t change.  Such memories can have a lasting negative effect on the way a person sees themselves, the world and other people.  It can have a profoundly negative effect on all aspects of their lives. Following successful EMDR treatment, memories of such events are no longer painful when brought to mind. What happened can still be recalled, but it is no longer disturbing.  In an EMDR session it is not necessary to talk extensively about the past and yet, in a relatively short period, therapeutic healing can be achieved. If you want to read more about EMDR
  •  EFT is a short and easy way to create positive changes in your life. It is a method eft punten englishthat can help you rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself, and accelerate healing. EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy, and combines them with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on acupuncture points. EFT is applicable to both physical and emotional symptoms and can be performed almost anywhere as long as you can get a moment for yourself. A few minutes can sometimes be enough! See Youtube


  • Hypnotherapy is a form of hypnosis. You will not be brought into sleep but I will bring you into a relaxing peaceful state and help you turn inward and get in touch with yourself. You will come into a deeper level of relaxation and tranquillity which helps you to listen to your subconscious mind, allowing you to get insights and solutions. The only thing required to get you into this state of mind is to accept my guidance and a motivation to change. Hypnotherapy is also very effective as an aid to quit smoking, overeating and drinking but also works on healing fears and phobias. If you want to read more about Hypnotherapy


  •  NLP explores the relationship between what we think (neuro), what we communicate (linguistic) and how we behave (programming). You can therefore see it as a kind of manual for the brain. The NLP intervention is aimed at overcoming adverse behavioural effects and to investigate what the ‘positive intention’ of the behaviour was. The client is challenged to check this themselves. The aim is then to keep the intention but to change in such a way that the unwanted side effects do not occur. If you want to read more about NLP
  • Logosynthesis is a relatively new method developed in 2005 by Willem Lammers. It is a very nice method to release stuck beliefs and fears. Willem Lammers calls it stuck energy. By working with words in a simple way, we move the stuck energy in your body. For more information, see the Logosynthesis website
  • Reiki helps you to let energy flow so that you can reconnect with your body and recognize signals from your body. You ‘land’ in your body, as it were, so that you are more present in the here and now. In the here and now is where the little moments of happiness take place. By thinking too much, you miss the little moments of happiness that everyone is looking for.

    Reiki is an old technique. You are asked to lie down on a nice soft surface (keeping your clothes on). By using this old Reiki technique, energy is moved in your body through my hands.