Free Your Mind
I would like to help you to strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence, so that you get more grip on your own situation, can act autonomously and feel free and take your own responsibility.

In short, to make you feel your own power and be willing to achieve your goals!

I can help you with

You want to be more self-aware and want to experience a stronger sense of self-worth.

Want to understand why you feel resistance, anger, fear  or sadness and neutralize these negative feelings.

If you experience constant stress, you see no solution and you feel completely exhausted, you may be suffering from burnout.

Together we make a plan in order to get you balanced again.

This therapy is aimed to listen to each other with respect and empathy  The beautiful idea that we understand each other without words is unfortunately rarely the case.

Did you feel different when you were young and had the feeling that people did not understand you? Big chance that you are (highly) sensitive.



Caroline (33)

Danielle is an amazing life coach, I started seeing her after a burn-out three years ago.

She has helped me recover and move towards a more full-filled life. I still see Danielle occasionally, when I need guidance regarding my professional or personal life.

She is a very kind and caring life coach, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking help, wether for a burn out or just guidance in their life.

Fadia (33)

Danielle has given me for the past years all the tools I needed to manage the difficult moments I have faced. She has helped me to gain confidence, strength and thanks to her helped me to understand more myself.

She always has different techniques to help me to put some perspective on challenging situations. After each coaching session, I have always felt lighter, positive, more peaceful and calm.

She’s truly amazing and I am so grateful that I have been able to experience coaching with Danielle. I will continue it from where ever I will be in person or through Skype.

Thanks again for everything and you are truly an angel.