High sensitivity (hsp)


Perhaps you’ve ever heard of HSP or about high sensitivity but you do not know for sure if you are highly sensitive or do not want to be pigeonholed.

Most people discover their high sensitivity along the way by recognizing stories of others. When in doubt I can recommend the book by Susan Marlette Heart: living with high sensitivity. For many people it is a feast of recognition.

Many clients who are highly sensitive are full of shame and uncertainty because they felt, ‘to be different’ as a child. Because every child wants to be part of the “group” it develops various strategies to fit in. Unfortunately, this means that the identity is becoming less and shame arises and denial of their own needs. The result can be low self-esteem or even disabling feelings.

High sensitivity is therefore not always a positive experience, while showing the proper guidance high sensitivity can be a very special gift.

Highly sensitive people are generally more aware of impulses, energies and emotions. Sensitivity for large groups, violent emotions, bright light or loud noises often disrupt the serenity at high sensitives, so they go out of connection – even detached from themself -, and become withdrawn or extremely busy (simptoms like ADD or ADHD) .

My coaching intervention is particularly focused on your ‘uniqueness’ and get back the feeling of appreciation for who you are. Shame and judgments are discussed and come into the open and therefore may disappear. The process is supported by grounding exercises, energy awareness and relaxation.

If you want you can test yourself. See test hsp

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