Personal growth and self-liberation

As a baby, our development and personal growth starts.  Then the road to maturity comes. It is exciting, but also uncertain and sometimes even scary. We are increasingly aware of ourselves. The self-critical self is developing more and more.  We have to belong to the group and often are afraid to stand out. The casual playfulness to learn and discover is gradually being unlearned and becoming more complex and even the fear of failure my come up. We have to learn quickly and also be very good at everythong we do. The desire for perfection is strong.  

Media tell us to get the best out of ourselves. Employers believe that we must use our greatest potential. The urge to perform is imposed on us from all sides. The motto is to be driven, ambitious and successful.  In addition, you also need a nice house, lots of friends, good looks and… .and …… ..  Pffff …. must … must …. and then suddenly you feel stuck. Lonely in the middle of a busy life. The feeling that you are being lived instead of living, with stress as a result. 

The burn-out monster can get you.  Limits are exceeded and the signals from our bodies are drowned out by the will to continue. A kind of alienation from our body follows.  At first it goes unconsciously. So its really important to be aware of how you feel and take action before it is too late.

By nature there is a huge motivation to discover. Learn to walk, talk, read, cycle and go on. We’ve all learned by trial and error.  So why did you stop?

If you feel stuck then the time has come for self-liberation.  Time to explore, just like in the old days. Discover purely from yourself, from your intuition. What do I want, what do I feel, what do I really like, what makes me really happy … who am I actually? 

Feel again instead of analyzing and rationalizing everything.  Make the connection between body (heart) and mind again.  Take the path to personal growth and self-liberation!  

I would like to take you on this journey of discovery, the journey to personal growth and self-liberation. Go back to who you are by nature.  

We offer you 2 options.  

1. Training in a group context
2. Personal coaching. 

If you are interested please contact us!